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Study in Germany

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Germany is one of the most popular education destinations for international students. There is a sizeable international community studying in various German universities. There are many reasons why a student finds Germany to be the ideal foreign destination for higher studies.

A World Class Degree – The quality of higher education in Germany is among the best in the world. Germany itself has become synonymous with high quality. The long tradition of education in Germany is widely respected. A degree from its top universities automatically marks the international student as one of the best. This is all the more applicable in the fields of science and engineering for which Germany is famous.

Variety of Education Facilities – The higher education system in Germany offers something for all students. Germany has approximately 450 universities accredited by the state and there are 17,500 programs for degrees in the country. Almost every subject is catered by the universities at all academic levels. International students can study for their bachelors’, masters’ or even doctorates. Although most universities focus on scientific studies, it is possible to study art subjects at the top universities

Facilities for English Speakers – It is not necessary to be fluent in German in order to study at their universities. Many courses are offered in English, especially those at the master’s level. A huge number of international degrees can be studied in English.

A Large International Community – A sizeable portion of the student communities at German universities come from international backgrounds. The international community make it easier to get adjusted to life in Germany. It also provides a great opportunity to interact with various cultures from different countries. Additionally, the universities help the students adjust to the new country faster with the help of mentoring programs.

Low Tuition Fees – In most cases, the German universities do not charge any tuition fees. Even if they do, the fees tend to be quite low. The German government provides considerable funding to the universities. The majority of bachelor’s degree courses and programs can be studied without the need to pay any tuition fees. Although most master’s programs charge tuition fees, the fees are considerably lower than that of other countries.

Affordable Living Costs – The living expenses in Germany are more reasonable and affordable when compared to the other countries in Europe. The cost of rent, food and other living expenses are approximately the same as the EU average. Additionally, students in Germany can enjoy a variety of concessions. Entry fees to various institutions and buildings, such as theatres and museums are low for students.

Numerous Scholarship Programs – International students with excellent academic records can apply for a variety of scholarship programs to finance their studies in Germany. The DAAD or German Academic Exchange Service is among the biggest scholarship organizations in the world. Students can easily find a scholarship that can take care of their specific needs with the help of this organization.

A Beautiful Country – Germany is surely one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. A rich historical heritage, natural wonders and modern metropolises make Germany an ideal tourism destination. For the international students, it gives them an opportunity to enjoy Europe at its finest while studying at some of the best universities in the world.

A Popular Language – German is among the most spoken languages across the world. While it is possible to study in Germany without any knowledge of German, international students are bound to pick up the language after staying in the country. This can be extremely helpful when the students enter an international career.