Comprehensive Admission Counseling

The Access provides a Quality, Transparent and Realistic Counseling services. The main requirements for admissions in educational institutions overseas should have a strong academic background, demonstrated command on the English language; scores on one or more standardized admissions tests and adequate financial resources. The Access provides the right combination of courses, colleges, and subjects based on the qualification and eligibility criteria to the satisfaction of the students.

Career Counseling

Choosing universities away is a challenge, especially when there are so many outstanding universities with right program and right specialization. Careful planning and advance research will help the student to come up with a manageable short list of institutions, choosing right program and specialization. University selection with special emphasis on state universities and top rank universities makes the student understand to get into the right university.

Un-biased Profile Evaluation

The Access provides Simplified Application Processing and support with S.M.A.R.T Kit to the enrolled students. University Selection and assessment is purely based on Student Career Goals, Academic and Research interests. One should now have a short list of degree programs that match one's needs, abilities and interests. One should also feel confident that one has the minimum entrance requirements for studying and that can meet the costs of a graduate education. The entire application process, from obtaining initial information to applying for your student visa, should begin 12 to 18 months before you wish to start studying in the United States and at least 6 months for other countries. It may be possible to complete the process in less than 12 months, but late applications usually find they have a much more limited choice of universities and even more limited choice of receiving financial assistance.

Expertise SoP and LoR Editing Team

The Access has the expertise team for editing Statement of Purpose (SoP) and Letter of Recommendation (LoR) to ensure the student includes his interests and goals in the purpose of studying overseas. This shall give student maximize the chance of getting admission in the suitable and required Universities in the USA. One should understand and know that applying for US Universities is just not a cake walk, where it is purely based on the best SoP and LoR that the student writes with his interest based on the academics.

Dynamic Application Process

At The Access every student application process shall be completed through Dynamic Application Process system. This process shall ensures On-line submission of application and dispatching documents within SEVEN working days subject to student providing the required documents as per the process. This is a pro-active way of completing application processing to ensure reviewing the application by Universities on first cum first basis. Day 1 – Student Interaction with The Access Gets advice and counseling based on the Profile Evaluation. Day 2 – Student gets enrolled for Admission Services Advice on Test preparation post profile evaluation and applies for required Transcripts and LoRs Day 3 - Profile evaluation and University selection Advices Test preparation scores required and University selection based on the Student profile evaluation Day 4 - University finalization and accepts for application processing Confirmation in writing shall be taken from the student on the University finalization Day 5 - Application processing for the finalized Universities Ensures Application process is completed and submitted by the student with the guidance of The Access Day 6 - Readiness and collection of documents Student ensures submission of all required documents viz., Transcripts, LoRs and other related documents. Day 7 - Dispatch of documents to the Universities Hard copies of the documents along with On-line submission report shall be dispatched to the specified Universities

Guidance in Test Preparation

The Access advises students based on the Academics, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL/IELTS scores in the universities of student's choice. Getting admissions is also based on the best scores that the students get in the test preparation. Our university selection and program selection of the student's choice certainly satisfy the students for getting an admission in their choicest university.

Assistance Documentation for Admissions

Admission requirements differ greatly from one university to another. All universities however require students to submit official transcripts of course and grades taken in High school and other post-secondary institutions, Resumes and Statement of purposes. The Access provides complete help in documentation requirements and editing the resumes and SoPs suitable to the respective universities. The Access also helps in compiling effective applications.

Visa Counseling and Assistance

It is important to understand the difference between the types of visas. Procedures and requirements for applying for a student visa are more complex and demanding owing to enhanced security. The Access helps the students for their visa interviews to ensure higher success rate through extensive visa counseling and mock interviews. The Access shall also provide dedicated services on Visa Preparation and guidelines from our Visa Desk by Ex-US Embassy Official.

Foreign Exchange, Air Ticketing and Pre-Departure Briefing

The Access helps the students in getting their air ticket and foreign exchange conversion for the students who got their visas. We also help the students on their pre-departure briefing and post-arrival briefing for their safe entry into United States. A kit will be handed over to the students for their better understanding.

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