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United States is one of the most sought-after destinations for pursuing higher education by Indian students. The United States community, including the government, academic/research and business sectors, recognizes the inflow of international students as a vitally important resource. Availability of funds translates into scholarships for international students. Funding is possible at both undergraduate and postgraduate level unlike most other student destinations. The semester and credits system of US education enables students to transfer from one university to another and to undertake study abroad programs and gain credits from summer courses as part of their degree.

Universities in the United States of America are known worldwide for their quality programs, faculty, facilities and resources. The United States has almost a monopoly on the world’s best universities and also provides access to higher education for the bulk of those who deserve it. The success of American higher education is not just a result of money; it is the result of future. A US degree offers excellent value for money for future investment. The US education system offers and unlimited choices of universities, institutions, degree programs and subjects in which a student can specialize. A wide range of tuition fees and living costs, plus financial help from many departments within universities have made study in the United States affordable for thousands of students.

With more than 4000 accredited higher educational institutions and a wide variety of courses to choose from, US provide an opportunity for students to pursue a career of their choices. Although the sheer number of colleges and universities in the United States may seem overwhelming at first, you should begin by understanding public vs. private institutions. Professors at American colleges welcome visits and out of the classroom discussion with their students, and you should feel comfortable stopping by during office hours to discuss anything from readings for that week to future academic or career related plans.

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